Err, me.

Hello, im Pelvis, Interrupted. Usually though, i get called Becki.
Thanks for popping in, its always good to see you.
Now, a bit about myself...

 Im 28, married to 'Husband' and i have 5 children who i refer to as Dreamer, Manic, Princess, Chickin and Astroboy.
 I was prompted to write this blog when being house-bound by my SPD started to get too much and i needed some escape. I have quickly fallen into waffling about pretty much anything though, so dont necessarily expect the posts to be SPD/parenting/sanity based!

I have a secret desire to be a 'perfect' wife and Mum and am often disappointed in myself when i dont achieve the perfection i aspire to. I expect it will get much easier to obtain my goal once i figure out what it is and what it involves!

As both a parent and a blogger and even just as a person im learning new things every day. As such my opinions can change, or my views shift, as new facts come to light. For example (and im sure this is true of many) my idea of parenting well, and in the best interests of my child/ren has altered drastically from when i started out as a parent at 17 (and feeling i had oh, so much to prove) up to now as my fifth baby sleeps peacefully across my lap.
 So, please bear with me if you find my opinions (as that is often all they are) disagreeable to you - i may just be uninformed. I welcome any emails you may wish to share if they contain constructive criticism, positive suggestions for post themes or research you feel may be beneficial to me as a Mum, or blogger (or any of the things i am in-between).
 Right now im turning kinda crunchy, and enjoying the journey. We arent anywhere near as green as i'd like and there is lots id like to research more when i get time!

Oh, and apologies in advance, but the general design here (background, colours etc) are prone to change, im terrible (when i could get about more easily) for forever re-arranging rooms, swapping them around or changing their use! So, as the design here is a kind of artistic outlet, im likely to try new things to keep it feeling fresh. Let me know if i stumble across something you like, or if you find something that you think will fit. :)

My blog email is here: but i only check in there every so often, (bad, naughty blogger!) so if you want to get hold of me quick, drop a post to me on my facebook page - im on facebook a lot and i enjoy feedback.