Tuesday, 12 October 2010

First Post!

Hello! Its lovely to meet you, thanks for popping in.
I'll start by telling you a little about myself - im 28, married and i have 5 children.
Yes, 5!

All i ever wanted was to be a Mum, and to have a big family. I know i am very fortunate to say i got my wish.

It certainly hasn't been without a price though and that is what has prompted me to start this blog, my fifth (and final) pregnancy has physically cost me a great deal and i needed somewhere to offload, vent and explore my thoughts - somewhere to play out all the crap in my head really. It wont be doom and gloom forever, i promise - i do get tired of hearing myself complain so you wont be leaving here after each new post with your will to live in tatters on the floor (at least, i hope not!).

So there you are, best i can do at this hour. Here is hoping the spirit of eloquence and interestingness (i reserve the right to invent words as i see fit) visit during the night!


  1. Hello! you were up late! Should have given me a call as I couldn't sleep either! Great to see a new blog! Go girl!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. Of course we already 'know' each other through various media on the Internet.

    I look forward to watching your blog grow. Remember to look after it or it may go all weddy like mine.


  3. jbf57, thanks but i dont know who you are!

    Paws, hello hun. Thanks for reading x