Monday, 15 November 2010

Been a while...

Helloo! Sorry ive not been here much, im finding it a bit tricky to find much to say that could be interesting enough for you to read! 

''Hello, today i woke up, sat in bed all day, fed the baby nine million and twelve times, got sicked on eight million and five times, napped twice for about ten minutes, wasted about two hours (all together) on random websites, had a salad for lunch and am now waiting for my tea''

Not the height of excitement, is it?

Still, i feel i ought to write something. But what? Not a lot is happening treatment-wise for me at the moment, we are waiting on some appointments. It is Husbands birthday today, but for obvious reasons we've not been able to arrange to do anything, i cant even make the poor guy a cake. The herd are all fine, getting on with life, growing and changing unfairly fast. Its all just a bit normal really (at least, what passes for it in this house!).

Well, i guess there is one spark of excitement for me - ive started to find my passion for creating poking its head out of the mental sand again. It started when i was looking for some Christmas stockings for the herdlings, ive avoided getting any really nice last-forever ones before now, not knowing if we had finished adding to the family. I do like things to match, or at least co-ordinate, so getting a stocking here and there is out of the question!

So, long story long, ive been perusing the handmade item type websites and ive not really found anything that has particularly caught me, or left me happy to pay for (i have my budget and im tight with it). But it slowly occurred to me, i have a fully functioning sewing machine downstairs, one i cried with delight after being given, and its gathering dust! Why am i not filling a bit of my lengthy time by drawing up and making the herdlings' stockings myself? Im perfectly capable - in fact i can do more than that, i can get a head start on the Christmas Decorations! Bit 'o bunting, a few ornaments for the tree (i have a whole crapload of wadding)....

Now, where's my sketchpad.....

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  1. I was going to suggest something crafty (in a craft type of way - not a suspicious type of way) - cross-stitching, something like that. You'd get LOADS done!!