Thursday, 17 March 2011


*rolls in, flops dramatically on nearest soft surface and whimpers pitifully*

Germs.... we have germs!

This is baaaaaaad.

First idea i had of anything was Princess shoving me awake and telling me 'Chicken just bee'd sick' as though it had been done especially to ruin her night.

Que crippled bed stripping; 

Interesting, and almost difficult enough to be considered an Olympic sport.

Then the second expulsion came, of course before i could find any kind of receptacle around the room, and which had to be hastily mopped up with wet wipes and resulted in princess having to lay on a towel. She was Not Impressed.

Within a day i sort-of had it (may have been maccys poisoning as i wasnt actually sick but was very fragile and green for two days), a day later princess came down with it and yesterday Manic got sent home from school as they suspected he had it - you know something is seriously wrong when manic goes off his food!

So then yesterday Astro gets what we lovingly refer to as the Hot Snots (a temp and a runny nose). We assume its just his teeth because such a bonny baby, fed only on Mothers Best cant possibly catch a crappy bug and fall ill as well, can he!

Can he?


So yes, my night last night consisted of mainly nose wiping, rocking (which hurts like expletive works a bit and also he kicks me if i stop) trying (and failing) to bribe to sleep with the milkies and general despair at the fact that ive not managed even four hours sleep in a night for the over a week.

*insert picture of death, warmed up*

Oh, and somewhere in all that my baby first born turned 11! *sob sob sob*
He will be starting secondary school in September and im beside myself, he is such a caring, thoughtful young man and im worried he will be ruined! I am very tempted to cry 'Home Ed!' and keep him!

But i know he is excited to go, i just hope he has a better time of it than i did. *wails again* where did the time go?!

Now then... I shall be doing a momentous post on Monday or Tuesday, and i have a special thankyou post to do for tomorrow, which will have a follow-up post too. I just wanted to pop in and explain my recent absence from here, twitter and (to a lesser extent) facebook. Ive not forgotten you, im just elbow deep in vomity, bawling children!

(Awww, i cant not do it, i have to say a quick thankyou to @nickie72. You'll find out why tomorrow!)



  1. I know why you are thanking @nickie72 and it gets a big thumbs up from me!

  2. I'm so sorry you're all poorly. We've had vomiting recently. Phoebe also had lots of snotty things and ear infections while breastfed - I did feel somewhat cheated.

    Apparently we're also thinking about home educating - though we've got a few years yet...