Thursday, 2 December 2010


You've got to love the way children's minds work, they can come out with the funniest things....

Manic came in the other day, to keep me company and watch tv, as the children often do at the weekend. He sat next to me, waiting patiently for his hug as i was feeding Astroboy. Inquisitive as ever he started asking me questions about breast feeding. As my excitement at his interest grew i answered him honestly, explaining so he could understand. All the while my mind rushing 'this is great, fantastic, a natural interest, he'll be a great support should he ever become a father'. 

The conversation went a much like this;

M - Mummy, does it hurt to feed baby Astro?

Me - Not now, no. It did hurt a little bit at first, while we were both getting used to it, but its fine now.

M - How does the milk get from your tummy to your booby?

Me - It doesnt hun. When Astro gets hungry he sucks my nipple and then my booby knows he is hungry, and it makes milk to feed him. The milk comes out through the nipple when he sucks and he swallows it, and it makes him grow big and strong - just like you. 

M - Did you feed all of us like that?

Me - All of you had milk from me but not all for the same time. Do you remember me feeding Chickin, or Princess? You were a lot smaller then and you used to copy me - once at playgroup you lifted your t-shirt up and breast fed a dolly right in front of everyone!

M - Really?

Me - It was very cute and all the other Mummy's wanted to keep you, they all said you were so sweet! I wont ever forget it.

M - I am very special, arent i Mum.

Me - Yes, you are.

M - (getting up to go - he gets bored quickly) Can i just say one more thing Mum?

Me - (so proud of M and pleased as punch he had taken such an interest) Of course you can!

M - Did you know your nipple looks just like the end of a sausage? 

Im quite glad he left there cos how do you answer that!
I guess Astro must get hot dog flavoured milk ;)


  1. Brilliant ! I fed all three of mine and it's so good for them! This post really made me smile!

  2. Pelvis, Interrupted5 December 2010 at 01:57

    Thanks Vanessa, when i got past my surprise i had to chuckle myself!

  3. I am so glad there are no photos to accompany this revelation.

  4. Hilarious. The other day a little boy of about five likened my boobies to 'milk tanks' which I found very flattering. Clearly they are quite sizeable if they are comparable to tanks. Thanks Freddy.
    ps just found your blog and love your style - don't give up!!

  5. I am literally sat here almost wetting myself with laughter. omg.