Thursday, 2 December 2010

Good news/bad news?

I had my appointment last week with the Muscular-skeletal diagnostics team. I finally, finally got my x-rays! After eleven weeks of pushing, requesting and being shipped from pillar to post we seem to have landed with a group of people who not only know what they are doing and are good at it, but (almost as important) care too.

The staff at this hospital were friendly, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Although i was nervous - i didnt know what to expect, and after Husbands epic organisation fail i had noone with me, except Astroboy - i actually had nothing to fear. 

The consultant was lovely, actually listened to the answers i gave him and put me right at ease. We spoke for ten minutes or so before i was whisked off to x-ray, relieved to finally feel taken seriously. The x-rays themselves were painful and awkward but the team members of the dept did their best to be quick. The consultant got the pictures right away and make no fuss when i asked to see them. 

 I had mixed results from the x-rays. On the positive side, i definitely have SPD and not DSP. Also, the movement within my pelvis, while awful, isnt the dire kind which would require surgery (thankyouthankyouthankyou up there), and thirdly, the gap seems to be closing and is now about 12mm.

The only dark speck on my gleaming results was that the x-ray only caused the Doc further concern regarding damage to my spine. He has ordered a scan, which i should have before (or very soon after) Christmas, the results of which will dictate my treatment plan which we will discuss at my next appt at the end of January.

I came away from this hospital so much lighter, the relief of the good news was a tangible weight lifted from me. Unfortunately, the concern for my spine, as well as the fragile state of my pelvis, means im still stuck in bed. 

Still, ive found coping with the bedrest more difficult than ever this last few days, with the snow - my absolute best ever weather - and the fast approaching festivities all making me itch to be up and doing things. 

Want to hear something sad and pretty pathetic? Tough, its my blog. 

Im going to miss Christmas in my own house. The tree, which i usually put up and decorate on Dec 1st, i wont even get to see. 
I will be stuck here with only Astroboy and a plate of food while everyone enjoys Christmas dinner around the table downstairs. And while i know Husband and Mother-In-Law are doing their best to make me feel included, it wont change that i will miss the best bits.
 I cant attend the family get-togethers, i wont see the children's faces when they see the tree (which FC's elves add to each year) and the gifts on Christmas morning. I wont be able to make them the breakfast they only get once a year (whatever they choose with no restrictions).
It would be stupid, selfish,and possibly a little dangerous of me to insist they come up here, this room is pretty small and crammed with furniture. Just because i have cabin fever, doesnt mean they all should too.

I'll just have to do what i always do. I'll put a brave face on, make the most of what ive got and start planning it to be a whole lot better next year!


  1. aw :( Isn't there anyway you can be downstairs for the meal at least? Lying on a sofa? Legs raised on a second chair?

    Have had spd/ hip problems before, but not nearly as bad as you have. Much sympathy though.

  2. Oh, poor you. Don't worry if you feel totally depressed, heartbroken and dreadful at that - I know I would. Of course, don't let my comment make you feel that way if you don't! Can they take some pictures of the tree, and video things for you? Can you have a little tree in your room, and the kids' presents there on the morning?

    (I should add, I found your blog via Silent Sunday. Do keep blogging, and do it honestly)