Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Facebook.
You can dress it up however you like but you are not having my mobile number. Or any other number for that matter, as i'm pretty confident you'll just sell it on to your advertisers, like you did with all my other information.

Dear Black Eyed Peas,
 For crimes against music ... i cannot believe how you have ruined one of the best songs ever! The Time Of My Life was a classic, a Classic! And you wrecked it! I cant forgive you. I wont! You have lost a fan, i'll not be buying another of your albums ever again.

Dear Facebook
I feel it may be pertinent to consider changing your name to 'Two Faced Book' while your double standard remains. I have seen (and complained about) nude and lascivious photos on your website, yet some of these remain. But a picture of a feeding baby - not even a hint of areola - gets removed. Id like to ask if you are ashamed of yourself, but im pretty sure id be wasting my breath.

Dear 'Doctor'
 I pray to God you never ever experience the excruciating pain that has been my weekend. I suspected you were unsympathetic when you refused to refer me on, but i had no idea you would go to such depths of pigheadedness! 
 You see, your refusal to make my pain-killer prescription a repeat prescription has meant ive had to go without one third of my pain relief for three days.
Three. Days.
 Thats three days of absolute squirming horror, of sobbing with pain every time i held my baby, of not being able to eat. Three days where very quickly the idea of just stopping breathing is looking like an attractive alternative to the pain i am constantly in.
 I know you dont believe i have a disability, that you think im not really suffering because i chose to continue breastfeeding and stop taking the morphine. It saddens me that as a mother yourself you cannot fathom my choice to endure pain (beyond the power of the tablets) in order to do what i believe is best for my child.

 Rest assured, you will be my doctor no longer.

Thats all folks! Thanks to 3bed for the button, give it a click - see what you find!


  1. Just totally assumed your doctor would be a man... Sometimes women are worse though. Less sympathetic - it is that whole, well I have kids and I don't have any pain kinda thing. Boo. Definitely find a new one. Much sympathy

  2. I have so much respect for you for choosing breastfeeding over pain-relief. I hope you find a much more sympathetic doctor. My (female) doctor is very friendly and helpful; he other (male) doctor at the practice is rubbish. Do you see anyone about your SPD who would prescribe/recommend painkillers?

    I am so with you on the Black Eyed Peas as well. And Facebook. I don't normally agree with people this much...

  3. Pelvis, Interrupted8 January 2011 at 22:02

    Mummy Squared, its odd but true a lot of people were surprised my doc was female. Sadly, it isnt so much a case that she cant relate so much as she just doesnt believe me. Awful but true.
    Thankyou for your kind sympathy x

    Sarah, i see a specialist team of various professions, all of whom have patients who deal with similar issues to mine on a daily basis. The doc i see there is an absolute peach and has a large family himself. They are amazingly good at what they do there but i wont be seeing him til the end of Jan now.
    Haha im glad someone else dislikes the BEP's travesty of a song, Husband loves it and plays it often!