Monday, 3 January 2011

Getting my (l)activist on!

Hello peeps, happy new year! Hope Christmas brought you all your hearts desired, and all your bellies could hold!

Sorry ive not been about much, ive struggled a little over the holidays - some with the SPD and complications, some cos we have all had some evil flu thing and some because when my babies are off school i just want to spend time with them so sadly you guys get a bit neglected. Sorry about that but im sure you understand x

My planned post for today has had to be postponed. Ah well, you'll be forced to sit through it get to read it eventually! Nope, todays post is being replaced by something more important, something ive waffled at length spoken about before.


Now, last time i blogged about this i was in a state of shock and disbelief that facebook *seemed* to be targeting breastfeeders, deleting their photos and sometimes even removing their accounts entirely with either no warning at all or with a rather confusing message citing breaking the terms of service relating to decency (or somesuch, the exact phrasing eludes me and if i go off in search of it i'll lose momentum).

Well, there is no 'seemed' about anything now. Yesterday facebook started an all out campaign against breastfeeding. Nowhere is safe or sacred. I have no idea what Fb has against us but its pretty clear now that there really is no 'accidental' about the deletions (as has been claimed by facebook previously).

Yesterday, without warning or notice The Leaky B@@b disappeared from Facebook. This was a support forum for breastfeeding and 'natural parenting' families, a place i frequented. It was open to anyone and everyone was made welcome. I asked for advice there on more than one occasion and received gentle support. Im not sure id still be feeding Astro without their help, and i know for a fact id not be expressing for Chickin without the encouragement i received there.

Nobody who was a member of TLB can figure out what exactly was done that warranted removal of the group. None of the bfeeding photos showed nipple or areola (hello, there was a babies head in the way!). If you think this is blatant discrimination or even just unfair, please join here and go to TLB's blog and follow her advice to help us get it reinstated 

Breastfeeding is the normal, natural way to feed a human child. Still, that doesnt mean its always easy and without struggle. Often in the past ive found myself with a question or concern and its been late at night (isnt it always?) or ive not wanted to have to call the already rushed off her feet health visitor. Im quite isolated at the moment, a position many parents find themselves in and having a group i can quickly turn to, any time day or night has been a real saviour to me. Thankyou leakers x

Edited to add - in reading the comments on Mr Zuckerberg's page (one of TLB's suggestions) i  clicked links to obscene pages still running on facebook. Some of these actually turned my stomach - i cannot describe them and will not link to them, but suffice to say these awful pages are still there now but a support group for bfeeding families has been removed. How are we supposed to see this as anything other than targeting and discrimination?

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