Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A day of events

Today my second baby turned 8 years old! Happy birthday Manic :) 

Over the last two weeks Manic has mentioned several times that he would really really like me to be downstairs for his birthday. 
 So i was. 
It was quite the feat, but using the same movement i employ to get on and off my bed i managed to get down the stairs.
 Once i got down there i put the baby sling on and sat at the table so i could make Manic his birthday cake, and then played with Chickin (whilst feeding Astro in the sling - first time ever, get me!) making up some spoon animals from a craft set she was given by a great friend for Christmas.
 I say spoon animals (supposedly a peacock, a dog, a cat and a rabbit) but really they are a beautiful mess :D Hey, im not going to sit here and impose instruction on her creativity, and the spoons look pretty cool as 'nose' 'fevva one' (thats feather one to you and I) and 'They're spoons Mummy' - complete with withering look.

I took a break from sitting upright while Husband took Chickin with him to collect the bigger children from school, by laying back on the sofa and listening to the radio with Astro asleep on my chest. It was so lovely, i can barely describe my appreciation of those forty-odd minutes. It has been so long since i was down there for any length of time (man, does that room need a re-paint!).

So, once the family got back from the school run, i once more took myself to the table, this time leaving Astro in Husbands capable hands, and set to the pizza making with Manic. We cobbled together a pizza for the children and a pizza for the grown-ups and it was quite the success. The salad was polished off before the grown-ups pizza was even cooked (little buggers, they were meant to leave us some!) and the chocolate brownie cake, which was served with organic vanilla yoghurt, went down twice as well! 

Soon as dinner was done i set to hauling myself back up the stairs before i was too tired and in too much pain to contemplate even moving. Its quite the task getting back up and takes a fair bit longer, but i managed it and am now safely back in bed, resting and recovering (while i was at the table Chicken managed to accidentally kick me full on in the back in her efforts to get in the chair next to me - OUCH!).

Im glad i did it, the look on Manics face as he came through the lounge door, seeing me on the sofa, was worth every bit of the pain im in now. Just by being in a different room i made that childs day, and not just any day, his birthday.

Oh! AND! I wore a pair of jeans today! 
You may say this is nothing special but to me it is. Apart from the fact i currently live in nightwear (except for hospital appointments, for which i don my old maternity stuff as its easier to get on and off), this particular pair of jeans were too small for me to get on, let alone do up before i got pregnant with Astro! And they slid down!

Im the happiest crippled Mama ever today!


  1. I am so thrilled for you. Well done on being a super mum. Everytime I get the occasional (very minor) twinge from my post SPD pelvis, I say a little prayer for you.

    Have added you're lovely blog as a friend on Facebook, and if you fancy it - you can have a look at my blog too, which is:

    Happy birthday Manic. And well done you. Gxx

  2. That is so wonderful! I'm happy you're so happy. This is great to read. xx

  3. Aw, how exciting!! What a fantastic day you've had! And happy 8th birthday to your not so little one!!

  4. What a busy - and demanding day, well done though! Happy birthday little man, and I really have fond memories of having a baby sleeping on my chest, bliss xx

  5. Mummy I am so proud of you for this and I could see today how chuffed you were with yourself for managing it. Really must have made his day. Lots of love and see you soon Dyce x x x

  6. FABULOUS! you are a cool mama :D

    decorating spoons :D

  7. Pelvis, Interrupted21 January 2011 at 02:36

    Wow so many lovely things to reply to!

    Jill, thankyou for your prayers, every one is gratefully received. Im sorry you have experienced spd though and especially sad to hear that it still bothers you. I shall take a wander over to your blog, and PLEASE do leave a comment on my fb page - im looking a little crazy chatting away to myself! x

    Mid 30's, thankyou so much! Im so chuffed to see you here, your blog is hilarious and i heart you :D x

    Photopuddle, thankyou for the birthday wishes, Manic had a lovely time. In a complete case of co-incidence he got the exact right amount of money from various relatives to get the piece of lego he really wanted ;) x

    Baby Genie, hello hun! :D It was a very demanding day, and took me days to get over but it was worth every second. I remember Manic as a baby asleep on my chest *sob* where do the years go?! x

    Hello Noodle :D
    I shall see you on Friday for our standing (or rather, sitting) date, and Chickin is eagerly looking forward to harassing, er i mean playing with that gorgeous future husband of hers :D xx

    Fi, you are totally biased but im taking that compliment anyway! She loves her spoons - she was laying under the bouncy toy earlier holding them up through the seat and we had to pretend she wasnt there and that they were real babies! It was gorgeous! :D xx