Saturday, 8 January 2011

Plans for the future (aka World Domination).

Right then! Hello again :)

Astro is having one of those 'I can only cope with being fed or sleeping and everything else makes me cry' days. I think we all do from time to time so im mentally preparing for another whole day of just getting my boobs out. Yeah, he did this yesterday too. Its probably a growth spurt/teething/day ending in day causing it.

Unfortunately today i actually had Plans.

I spent all my Christmas money (thanks rellies!) on crafty stuff and it is all sat there, taunting me. 'Come, play with us. We will magically turn into beautiful things which will make passers by weep with impressed-ness'. Not sure why my bedroom would have passers-by but that isnt the point. I have inspiration and i want to make things! 

*weeps with frustration*


  1. Boo. That is super frustrating. I was planning some sewing today but ended up putting up stair gates instead. I guess either option was equally rock and roll! I hate those days when the baby won't let you get anything done... Good luck for tomorrow :)

  2. It is one of the things I love about being back at work - making plans and achieving them. Or if not, the only reason being my lack of motivation or being interrupted by other work things. One thing I find hard is when my husband and I are at home together and trying to get things done, but we can't really be very efficient because one of us has to be entertaining. It can just be a bit frustrating.

  3. Pelvis, Interrupted8 January 2011 at 21:48

    Mummy squared, sewing really IS the new rock and roll! Still, making sure jr is safe around the house is more important in the end. We just had to put a gate on Dreamer and Manic's bedroom to stop Chickin and her pals getting in there. Not because they are in any danger in there, oh no, because they pose a threat to the now-epic lego collection! x

    Sarah, im considering making the crafting my work, if i can get good enough and can drum up the interest! But i remember when i worked out of the home, it was almost like having a break some days! How old is your little one? Astro is still only 17 weeks so is held constantly by someone or other, it can be difficult sometimes! x

  4. I used to make jewellery. All that stopped when baby came along! Actually then I found blogging and my love of photography and now I have a HUGE stash of beads waiting to be used again. One day they will!

  5. Pelvis, Interrupted12 January 2011 at 03:16

    Its amazing, isnt it Photopuddle, how something as small as a baby can fill your whole existence and leave you with barely enough time to breathe! I bet you wouldnt change it for the world though :D

    And as you said, one day you'll find you have the time again x