Saturday, 18 December 2010

New Hair!

Wahoo! Its only been about two years since i managed to get my hair cut (not including my frustration-driven hacking-off-of-ponytail a few months ago!). 
 A lovely friend of mine paid for a nice hairdresser lady to come over.  This is the result...

Oof, its a bit natural but Husband caught me, the bugger. Oh well, im quite pleased with it :)

*dashes to press post before she chickens out*


  1. The hair cut is nice - well done to the nice friend of yours for doing something to help you feel pampered.

    I'm enjoying your blog. I do sympathise, I had SPD when pregnant (although nowhere near as badly as you), and can still remember the pain; although I think in my life as a midwife I saw SPD at it's evil worst...

    Keep seeing the silver lining as well as the cloud.


  2. Pelvis, Interrupted22 December 2010 at 01:11

    Fanks Nickie :D

    Gill, i am very fortunate in the quality of friends i have. I'd be interested in hearing your experiences of SPD, if you dont mind? Im putting an email address on the 'Err me' tab, if you want to get in contact x