Saturday, 4 December 2010

More navel gazing, sort of.

 After much re-reading and thought i have come to the conclusion that i have found it so difficult to post because this blog isnt really honest. 

Bear with me.

I havent lied - im not really the type of person who can lie. Its just that this blog hasnt been true to the real me. I think ive been writing as the person (or, i suppose, parent)  i want to be. Having an ideal to aspire to is a good thing but im not there yet, not anywhere near. I do sometimes laugh when i shouldnt, give my kids the wrong response or get cross and raise my voice (though i am working hard on that, and i think im doing pretty well).

What im trying to say is that hopefully, as i get more comfortable and confident, the tone of the posts will change and i will feel that i am able to be more open. I want to get used to this and be able to post more often.

Even so, i had all but decided that i was going to stop writing this blog - im not your big and massively popular mum-blog, there are a select few who follow me (each and every one of whom i love for their support) - so there arent a lot of people to miss my ramblings.

But (sorry, you dont get off that easily) someone i have only met once but have a deep respect for commented on Twitter to me that she liked my blog. I was surprised (as i always am when someone genuinely likes something ive done) and i got to thinking.... maybe i shouldn't give up, but should open myself up a bit more and put a bit more of myself 'out there'. What is the worst that could happen? A bad comment? I can delete them, no bother!

The final push for this post was this: "I like your blog. I'm (clearly) not a very regular reader, and I've only been reading for a little while, but as a still fairly new mum I like to hear about your thoughts about parenting and your experiences. Now I'm back at work I don't get to see my mummy-friends so often, so it's a bit like having a virtual mummy-friend..."  

Sarah, i dont know you but im touched by your comment. I can do better and i will. And hopefully you will all stick around to see me do it xx


  1. "I think ive been writing as the person (or, i suppose, parent) i want to be."

    And that is the exact reason your mind goes blank when you come to your blog to write. You shouldn't be writing to please your audience, you should be writing for you. Your audience will come eventually and stay because they like what they see.

    My audience isn't the same as yours ever will be - that would be so boring... the same group of people going round reading the same blogs. How insular!! Yes, there is going to be some crossover - that's how communities are formed in the first place but the majority of people have a number of communities that they are part of.

    I like to think of it all as a venn diagram. Lots of crossover.

    It's nice to see that you've had this revelation though. It's part of the progress of writing/blogging (IMHO).

  2. Hiya, Just come visiting from Nickies blog post mentioning you.

    Don't give up, good content is what makes the difference, your followers will come. I opened my blog up for public reading in Jan this year and had a wobble in April and dissapeared for the 6 weeks of Lent and then since then things have gone from strength to strength. It will happen for you too.

    I am always very open, out there and imperfect on my blog, like you say what is the worst that can happen.

    I have liked what I have seen so far and will now press follow.

    Mich x